Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging

The CCBBI encourages students, postdocs, and research scientists interested in neuroimaging to take the following courses:



Psych 5425 Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Instructor: Zhong-Lin Lu
, Ph.D. (
Next offered: Autumn 2018

Description: A general introduction to the physical bases of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), the physiological bases and principles of functional MRI, MRI related safety issues, design and analysis of fMRI experiments, and the operation of the Siemens 3T Trio system with hands-on experience.

Prereqs: Grad standing, or permission of instructor.





Psych 6650 Seminar in Advanced fMRI Analysis
Instructor: Julie Golomb, Ph.D. (
Next offered: Autumn 2018

Desciption: This course is for students who have already completed an intro-level fMRI course. We will discuss a range of intermediate/advanced fMRI issues and analysis techniques, such as fMRadaptation, retinotopic mapping, multi-voxel pattern analysis, functional connectivity, representational similarity analysis, real-time fMRI, etc. Discussions may also include topics such as comparing analysis software packages, pre-processing decisions, and interpretation of fMRI data. The format of the course will be seminar-style; we will read and discuss papers using each technique, and brainstorm how to apply and improve them in our own experiments.

Prereqs: PSYCH 5425 Introduction to fMRI, or permission of instructor. This course is intended for students with prior fMRI experience.




SHS 8950 Neuroimaging for Speech, Language, and Music Research
Instructor: Yune S. Lee, Ph.D. (
Next offered: Spring 2018

Description: The goals of this course are: students will learn ethics/rules of data management, principles logics underlying various neuroimaging methods, how to design neuroimaging experiments, and how to analyze neuroimaging data.

Prereqs: Permission of instructor