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Appendix IX

Last Updated: 9/21/22

Appendix IX - Usage of the Mock Scanner

This policy governs the usage of the mock scanner which is located in PS 24.



To help ensure that the use of the mock scanner is not interrupted, we ask that users reserve time in advance of using the room. To schedule time in the mock scanner room, please record this on the paper calendar located on the desk in PS24A.


Reporting Mock Scanner Issues

Please report any problems that arise while using the mock scanner to the Assistant Director, Dr. Xiangrui Li (ccbbi.service@osu.edu).


Mock Scanner and Computer Usage

Auditory Stimuli 

The mock scanner room contains a desktop computer for the primary purpose of presenting the acoustic noise of our Siemens scanner. The acoustic noises for typical scanning sequences are available in the "Acoustic Noise" folder on the desktop. Double-click on a file to play the noise. Additional controls are available once you open a file. DO NOT remove or relocate any of the sound files. You may control the sound volume with Windows' volume control.


Experimental Controls and Visual Display

You may use the desktop computer to control your experiment while acoustic noise is playing. You may want to set the displays to "expanded desktop" mode so that your experiment can run on the subject's screen while you can control the acoustic noise on the operator's screen. You may also use your own laptop to present stimuli and/or control your experiment.

Please note that the visual display as seen by the subject is left-right reversed. You should make provision in your code to left-right reverse the stimuli. Most commercial software designed for MRI applications has this function built in. If you use Matlab, it is three extra lines of code.

Manipulate the subject's mirror by its edges. DO NOT touch the middle of the mirror. It is important to train your subject on this procedure. The subject mirror in our Siemens scanner is a first-surface mirror. Grease and sweat in contact with the reflective surface CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO THE MIRROR.

New bed paper must be used for each subject. Shoes must be removed before getting into the mock scanner. These are sanitary measures identical to those used in the MR scanner.