The CCBBI encourages students, postdocs, and research scientists interested in neuroimaging to take the following courses:


SHS 8950 | Neuroimaging of Speech, Language, and Music

  • Next Offered: Spring 2020
  • Course Number: 20390
  • Class Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm, Monday
  • Class Location: Pressey Hall Rm. 1

Description: Music and language are integral and universal components of human nature, as proven by their ubiquity across all cultures. There is a growing body of behavioral evidence indicating connections between music and language abilities. The advent of state-of-the-art neuroscience technology (e.g., functional neuroimaging) allows us to study the relations more systematically at the neural level. This course is designed to offer a general overview of the neuroscience of speech, language, and music, a glimpse of research in this emerging discipline, and a sample of the wide variety of current and possible applications for the health and well-being of both normal/healthy and clinical populations. The course does not require a background in neuroscience. No prior experiences in neuroimaging/programming is required. The course is open to undergraduates. 

Instructor: Professor Yune S. Lee, Ph.D.

CCBBI Member and Faculty, Dr. Yune Lee. Email:
Office: Pressey Hall 101D
Office Hours: By appointment