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Appendix V

Last Updated: 01/09/2024

Appendix V - Funded Studies


Steering Committee Composition

  • Dr. Ruchika Prakash, Director, CCBBI (Chair)
  • Dr. Xiangrui Li, Assisant Director, CCBBI
  • Dr. Jay Fournier, Associate Professor, College of Medicine
  • Dr. Jasmeet Hayes, Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Zeynep Saygin, Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences


Terms of Usage

All studies require pre-approval by the Steering Committee prior to scheduling scan time. Funded studies are approved based on the feasibility of conducting the study at the scanner and with consideration toward studies already being conducted at the Center. Each study is allocated scan hours, as requested in the application, which must be used during the requested study period. 

For approved studies which require a change in protocol, increase in number of scanner hours, or an extension of study period, please complete the Application for Renewal and Amendment Form.

If there is a change in PI for an approved funded study,  a new Funded Study Application Form must be completed by the new PI and the older application closed.


How to Apply for Funded Hours

IRB approval is required prior to proposal submission, thus making IRB approval a requirement before scanning can be conducted. To submit your funded studies proposal, please complete the “Application for Scanner Time for Funded Studies Proposal” form (below), and email the required documentation to: ccbbi.service@osu.edu

Your submitted request will be reviewed by members of the CCBBI Steering Committee. The reviewers may ask questions or provide feedback prior to the approval. You will receive a response of approval via email, typically within two weeks.

Review of proposals from CCBBI Fellows will be given priority. Once approval of study requests from CCBBI Fellows is complete, evaluation of new, funded study applications from CCBBI Affiliates will commence. 


Funded Study Application Form


Application for Renewal and Protocol Amendment Form