CODE Schedule

This course will meet on Wednesdays, from 11am to 2pm. The course begins on May 10, and the course ends on June 14. For this course you will need a computer.


Course Outline

Week 1 (May 10):

  • Introduction to the course by Dr. Adam Gorka

  • Keynote address by Dr. Vishnu Murty

  • Overview of scientific programming in Python by Dr. Dylan Wagner


Course Structure Weeks 2 – 6:

  • 11am:  Scientific Programming: Introduction to the tools of the trade

    • Creating your first code notebook in Jupyter lab.

    • Demo Python for everything (art, music, web scraping)!

  • 1pm: Professional Development


Week 2 (May 17):

  • Scientific Programming:

    • Basics of Python programming I –strings & numbers

    • Tutorial & Assignment: Thinking with loops!


Week 3 (May 24):

  • Scientific Programming:

    • Basics of Python programming II – Lists, dictionaries, and functions

    • Tutorial & Assignment: Using Python dictionaries to change the meaning of pop songs!


Week 4 (May 31):

  • Scientific Programming:

    • Python packages I – Pandas for numeric data

    • Tutorial & Assignment: Charting meme stocks in Python!


Week 5 (June 7):

  • Scientific Programming:

    • Python packages II – Nilearn for brain data

    • Tutorial & Assignment: Visualize and manipulate fMRI data.

  • Professional Development: Tackling Imposter Syndrome Head On lecture from Dr. Norissa Williams


Week 6 (June 14):

  • Scientific Programming:

    • Putting it all together – Do different people’s brains synchronize when watching movies?

    • In Class Tutorial: Using Python to measure similarities between different people’s brains.

  • Professional Development: Addressing Microaggressions lecture from Dr. Norissa Williams