ADNiR Initiative


The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging (CCBBI) recognizes the need for a more diverse body in academia, science, and research. To afford the opportunity of success to undergraduate students, CCBBI is proposing the ADNIR Initiative to provide funding for academic and professional development to individuals from underrepresented groups interested in pursuing a career in research.

Here is the detailed description of the initiative, and here is the application for the initiative.




Congratulations to our 2021 recipients:

Alexa Shin

Alexa Shin

I’m interested in three different subjects that could be combined in various ways: cognitive impairment, degeneration of neural connections and factors that affect memory, attention, and critical thinking. After completing summer lab rotations in Dr. Ruchika Prakash's lab, Dr. Stephanie Gorka's lab, and Dr. Scott Hayes' lab, I will spend the next year working in Dr. Scott Hayes' lab.



Jessica Timog

Jess Timog

My main research interest involves the development of the brain from birth to death. I want to understand how experiences and environments can affect the brain’s function and what preventative measures can be taken in order to live a healthy life. I also want to understand the consequences of brain injuries or diseases and the brain’s recovery process. After completing summer lab rotations in Dr. Zeynep Saygin's lab, Dr. David Osher's lab, and Dr. Brandon Turner's lab, I will spend the next two years working in Dr. David Osher's lab.