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Appendix I - CCBBI Membership

Appendix II - Safety Manual

Appendix III - Certification

Appendix IV - Pilot Studies

Appendix V - Funded Studies

Appendix VI - Scheduling

Appendix VII - Access

Appendix VIII - Human Subjects

Appendix IX - Mock Scanner

Appendix X - New Equipment


Important notice to all CCBBI PIs using grant funds:

*Pre- approval to use grant funds is required before scheduling scanner time.

University internal earnings operations require pre-approval before performing services that are charged to grants. The College of Arts and Sciences mandates that all earnings operations use one of the following methods to capture pre-approval: the OSU Facility Online Management system (FOM), Workday requisition, or an email approval from the grant PI or designee prior to performing services to be charged to the grant. CCBBI is not set up with the FOM system and uses eRequest as the final internal payment authorization mechanism. CCBBI therefore encourages the use of email approval to capture grant pre-approvals. The PI’s pre-approval email should be attached to the Workday requisition along with the PI approved invoice at time of payment.

PI’s should send an email to their fiscal processor in advance of scheduling scan time at CCBBI when they plan to charge scans to their grant(s). That email should then be attached to the Workday requisition when they are ready to pay an invoice using those grant funds. The email can be a simple statement such as “I authorize up to $5,500 on my grant 60000000 for MRI scans conducted in the CCBBI over the next three months."