CCBBI Summer Program: Coding for Brain Decoding! 

CODE 2024 flyer


Coding for Brain Decoding (CODE) is a summer program created as part of the ADVANCING DIVERSITY IN NEUROIMAGING (ADNIR) INITIATIVE at CCBBI. The summer program is designed to provide hands-on training in python programming to undergraduate students interested in brain imaging research. No previous brain imaging research is required! All undergraduates at the Ohio State University are welcome to apply! This course will meet in-person on Wednesdays, from 11am to 2pm. The course begins on May 8, and the course ends on June 12. There is no cost for the program, and registrants need only a computer.

The CCBBI Summer Series exists to help students in three unique areas. First, this program seeks to impart the value of diversity and inclusion both so that members of underrepresented groups feel welcome in the field and so that other persons become more aware of issues that they may have otherwise overlooked. Second, this course aims to help students with their professional development and to give students the professional skills that they need to be successful in a neuroimaging environment. Lastly, this course will teach students about the popular and user-friendly Python programming language and how to use it for neuroimaging analysis.

Python is fast becoming the most popular programming language for scientific computing and knowledge of Python is a frequently sought-after skill that professors look for when recruiting students into their labs. In this practical portion of this course, you will learn basic programming concepts in Python and will build on this to conduct basic fMRI decoding analyses in Python. All you need is a computer with a web browser!

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