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Appendix X

Last Updated: 01/09/2024

Appendix X - New Equipment


How to Apply for New Equipment Approval

The CCBBI strongly recommends submitting the “New Equipment Inquiry” form (available below on page 2 of PDF) before purchasing any equipment for use at the center. To submit your equipment inquiry or proposal form, please complete the “Application for New Equipment Inquiry” form (below) and submit the required documentation to: ccbbi.service@osu.edu.

After equipment has already been purchased (with or without the approval of the CCBBI), the “New Equipment Proposal” form (available below on pages 3-4 of PDF) must be completed. Please note that the center is under no obligation to approve any piece of equipment, and we strongly recommend submitting the “New Equipment Inquiry” form before anything is purchased. The “New Equipment Proposal” form and its required documentation may be submitted to: ccbbi.service@osu.edu

Personnel Costs

Please note that the CCBBI will charge an hourly rate for the time needed to set up and/or test equipment. However, if the equipment being set up or tested is available for use by the broader CCBBI community (as opposed to only being available for use by its purchasing PI), then the center may waive the hourly rate.


Review Criteria and Process

The forms will be reviewed by the CCBBI’s technical committee who will then submit their recommendation to the CCBBI Director for approval. Review criteria will include, in part:

  • Compatibility with current center equipment/resources.
  • Feasibility of storing the equipment if needed.
  • Ability for the equipment to be utilized by other labs.
  • The time needed to set up and return the equipment to storage.


Technical Committee Composition

  • Zeynep Saygin, Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences (Chair)
  • Julie Golomb, Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Ivy Tso, Associate Professor, College of Medicine
  • Zitong Lu, Graduate Student, Department of Psychology
  • James Teng, Gradute Student, Department of Psychology
  • Xiangrui Li, Assistant Director, CCBBI


Download and complete the New Equipment Inquiry form