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Appendix IV

Last Updated: 01/09/2024

Appendix IV - Pilot Studies


Steering Committee Composition

  • Dr. Ruchika Prakash, Director, CCBBI (Chair)
  • Dr. Xiangrui Li, Assistant Director, CCBBI
  • Dr. Jay Fournier, Associate Professor, College of Medicine
  • Dr. Jasmeet Hayes, Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Zeynep Saygin, Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences


Purpose of Program

The Center allows CCBBI Fellows to apply for pilot hours for two purposes:

  1. Pilot hours allow a PI to obtain and produce research data for a study for which the PI has not yet secured funding. The data collected in the pilot study is intended to aid the PI in securing funding for that project.
  2. Pilot hours allow a PI to modify their study, work out technical issues, and fine tune their study procedures.


Terms of Usage

CCBBI Fellows may apply for a maximum of 10 hours of free pilot study hours per year.

The number of pilot hours used by a PI can never exceed 10 hours a year (defined as 365 days beyond the date of the first used pilot hour scan). The pilot hour year resets 365 days from the date of the first pilot hour scan. If the 10 awarded hours are not used within 365 days from the date of the first pilot hour scan, the unused hours are forfeited. Please note, co-PIs cannot apply for pilot hours.

If pilot hours are awarded:

  • Pilot hours can only be scheduled on the Friday of the preceding week. Advanced booking of hours for Pilot Studies is not permitted.
  • When scheduling pilot scans, the word “PILOT” must be on the CCBBI scheduling calendar or it will be billed as a funded study
  • The PI or member of the lab must present their study research/findings at CCBBI Research Day.

All PIs/labs that receive pilot hours are expected to send at least one representative to the monthly CCBBI Users’ Meeting (typically held on the first Friday of every month at 1pm in PS 35)


How to Apply for Pilot Hours

IRB approval is required prior to proposal submission, thus making IRB approval a requirement before scanning can be conducted. To submit your pilot study proposal, please complete the “Application for Scanner Time for Pilot Study Proposal” form (below) and email the required documentation to: ccbbi.service@osu.edu.


Pilot Study Application Form