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The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging (CCBBI) stands as an interdisciplinary hub within The Ohio State University's College of Arts and Sciences. Situated in the Department of Psychology, CCBBI is a dedicated research facility with a primary focus on human cognitive, clinical, developmental, and social neuroscience. Committed to research, teaching, and outreach, CCBBI prioritizes values of diversity, inclusivity, and equity in all its endeavors.

Established in 2011, CCBBI was conceived with the mission to support faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences in their structural and functional MRI research. Collaboration with colleagues from other colleges was also welcomed, provided it aligned with CCBBI's mission. CCBBI values collaborations with other departments, centers, and colleges at Ohio State. We warmly welcome faculty, students, and staff members from all academic domains to apply for the use of our extensive services and resources. 


CCBBI Membership

To become a part of CCBBI, please complete the appropriate membership application (see Appendix I) and submit it to ccbbi.service@osu.edu

  • CCBBI Fellow: Tenure-track faculty with the College of Arts and Sciences at OSU whose tenure initiating unit (TIU) is in this college and who maintain an active neuroimaging lab. Tenure-track members with a TIU outside the College of Arts & Sciences are eligible for CCBBI Fellow status if they serve as Chair of one of the CCBBI committees and are extensively engaged in service activities at the Center. 


  • CCBBI Affiliate: Tenure-track faculty members at OSU who do not meet the criteria of CCBBI Fellow but are interested in utilizing the services of CCBBI. 


  • CCBBI Trainee: All postdoctoral scholars, research associates, graduate students, and undergraduate students at Ohio State with an interest in studying and utilizing neuroimaging techniques are eligible to apply for CCBBI Trainee Status. 

Please see Appendix I for complete details.


Conducting Studies at CCBBI

All studies require pre-approval by the Steering Committee (see Appendix V for details). Investigators planning to submit an external grant that involves using the MRI scanner at CCBBI are urged to contact the Director, Dr. Ruchika Prakash at ccbbi.service@osu.edu prior to grant submission to make certain that the Center is prepared to commit the resources necessary for the particular study. The Center is not required to honor scanning requests for funded studies unless a prior agreement has been reached between the investigator and the Director. Applications with a letter of support from the Director will be prioritized.

Externally funded studies are also required to include CCBBI in the ePA005 for proportional award allocation. CCBBI does not charge indirects on external grants. 

The CCBBI also offers an IRB application template for Center researchers. To receive a link to the IRB application template package, please contact Assistant Director, Dr. Xiangrui Li at ccbbi.service@osu.edu.