Appendix V

last updated: 2/8/23

Appendix V - Scheduling Policy



  1. On the recommendation of the Proposal Review Committee, all studies must be approved by the Director prior to scheduling. Each study will be assigned (1) a total amount of scanning time, (2) a study ID/password for the scheduling website.
  2. The PI of each individual study can access the center website to schedule scanner time for the study, up to 8 business hours per week. Studies that need more than 8 business hours per week must be scheduled with the prior agreement of CCBBI staff. The PI must know the time needed to complete each study and the total time needed for an experiment so as to request enough time (see below).
  3. Every effort will be made to avoid schedule changes, but staffing or machine problems may lead to unavoidable rescheduling. The investigator will be notified as soon as possible if a scan must be rescheduled.
  4. Although a study can be scheduled at any time, users are strongly advised to schedule at least one business day in advance.
  5. All scheduled time slots should be in 15-minute increments with a minimum of one hour. Unused fractional hours cannot be carried over to a future schedule.

At the conclusion of a scan, the MRI technologist will present the scan usage form to the investigator to sign. This form will include the title of the project, the start and end times of the scan, and the type of study for funding purposes.

The investigator must sign off on this form for processing and billing purposes.

Allocation of scan time is given for a specific study and for the investigator involved in the study; an investigator cannot donate time to another project.


Cancellation Policy

  1. The researcher will not be charged for any scan canceled at least two business days (48 hours) before the scheduled scan.
  2. The researcher will be charged for scans canceled on shorter notice.
  3. If the scan time was scheduled as a Funded Study and it is cancelled within 48 hours of its scheduled start, then it will be charged.
  4. If the scan time was scheduled as a Pilot Study, and it is cancelled under within 48 hours of its scheduled start, then the Pilot Study time will be forfeited but not charged.
  5. The scan cannot be changed to a Pilot Study in the event of a cancellation to avoid the CCBBI service charge.
  6. If scan time is blocked and the entire time is not needed, the researcher must notify CCBBI staff to change the scan time at least two business days (48 hours) before the scheduled time or they will be charged for the original scan time that was blocked. (For example: 3 hours were blocked but now only 2 hours are needed.)


Magnet Time Usage

Reservation time slots (the reservation times scheduled by the investigator/lab on the CCBBI scheduling calendar) must be strictly enforced. The investigator must make sure that the experiment fits in the allotted reservation time. Please note that the reservation time must include setting up study-specific equipment—such as monitors, button boxes, microphones, etc. It must also include time to clean up the scan room after the study is finished. Any time spent in the facility beyond the reservation time will be billable in 15-minute increments. When scheduling consecutive subjects, please include room turnover time of approximately 10 minutes.

Usage of the separate testing/computer rooms B55B and B55C do not apply to the above.

Investigators and their teams are allowed to arrive 15 minutes before their reservation time to setup and prepare the control room. However, if another scheduled study is in progress, they may not enter the control room. Investigators can assist in preparation by asking the subject to use the restroom, change into scrubs, and assemble prescription eyeglasses (if applicable) prior to the study start time.

When the time slot immediately following the current investigator’s own slot has been booked by another investigator and the current investigator’s scheduled time runs out, the current experiment will be interrupted. The current investigator’s team must leave, and the investigator will be charged for 15 minutes of magnet time for any increment over their allotted time that encroaches on another investigator’s time.

ALL experiments/scan testing must be logged in the record book. The safety screening form will be completed by Center personnel and filed together with the signed IRB form. For subjects with a history of cerebro-vascular disease, neurosurgical procedures, or accidents, in connection with which metallic objects or particles might have been lodged inside soft brain or eye tissue, it is necessary to submit a medical report, signed by a physician, stating that it is safe for the subject to undergo an MRI. This report will be filed together with the two preceding documents.

When investigators are using their own computers or equipment in the experiment, they must make certain that everything works before their arrival. If the equipment is untested in the MR environment, arrangements for testing time with the CCBBI staff must be made. Depending on the amount of time needed for such testing, a fee may be added.

Scan protocols must be prepared in advance. Programs must be tested before running an experiment.

The MRI staff on duty must be made aware of the study protocol such that they can safely terminate a study without any assistance from the user. The MRI staff must be informed of all substances and equipment that need to be brought into the scanner room for the experiment. No substance or equipment can be brought into the scanner room without first being cleared by the MRI staff.

The scan room has to be cleaned after each experiment. Dirty linen should be placed in the hamper. The control room should also be left in a clean state (no empty coffee cups, scrap paper, etc.). When booking a slot, clean-up time needs to be included.

No food is allowed in the control room and beverages must never be near any of the computer equipment.


Off-Business Hours Policy

The scanner is available during the following off-business hours:

Mondays through Thursdays, 5:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Sundays, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

The following policies have been designed to keep in mind the needs of the users, the availability of various staff members, as well as the need to adhere to the safety and regulatory procedures of the university. The CCBBI team is committed to providing quality service to our users and expects the users to be mindful of these policies at all times. For reserving off-business hours, please note the following policies:

Two experimenters, with at least one of the experimenters being a faculty member, a lab manager, a graduate student, or a post-doctoral scientist, must be present at all times, including during the final clean-up.


  1. Two experimenters, with at least one of the experimenters being a faculty member, a lab manager, a graduate student, or a post-doctoral scientist, must be present at all times, including during the final clean-up.
  2. Reservations for off-business hours must be made by email to Xiangrui Li via Any requests sent to personal email addresses of CCBBI staff members will not be honored.
  3. The MRI technologist’s schedule needs to be finalized the Friday before each coming week (defined as Monday through Sunday). All off-hour scan requests need to be sent in by Friday of the prior week at 4 pm. Under no circumstances will late requests be accommodated. Reservations cannot be made more than one month in advance.
  4. These off-business time slots are intended for everyone's use. For now, we will place a limit of 4 off-business hours per week per PI. If there is less demand for off-business hours, this limit may be relaxed in the future.
  5. Reservation requests to will be responded to in the order in which they are received. All off-hour scan requests need to be sent in by Friday of the prior week at 4 pm. Under no circumstances will late requests be accommodated.
  6. The standard cancelation policy of 48 hours will be applied to reservations during off-business hours. For example, a reservation scheduled for Sunday morning must be canceled by Thursday morning.
  7. The standard scan rate of $550/hour will be charged for all off-business hours. All other standard rates of proration will be administered as needed.
  8. Experimenters must be well-versed in the Center’s emergency procedures.
  9. Under no circumstance will the MRI Technologist leave the Control Room to provide access to participants. Given that the building is locked on Sundays and there will be limited staff present at the center during the evenings, experimenters must have a plan for meeting their participants and letting them into the building. Additionally, it is the PI and/or Experimenter’s responsibility to ensure that visitors to the building are not wandering the building unsupervised during off-hours. Participants should also be escorted out of the building following the completion of the session.
  10. The Psychology Building is closed on Sundays. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that their experimenters have external building access to the Psychology Building.
    • PIs with a faculty appointment in the Psychology Department must email the Psychology Department ( to request exterior building access for experimenters. Access requests must be renewed annually.
    • PIs that do not have a faculty appointment in the Psychology Department who are interested in requesting exterior building access should email Adam Sharp at for assistance.
  11. Scanner and ancillary equipment access and MRI Technologist services will be available during off-business hours; however, additional Center services will be unavailable during these times. Please note that support for problems with scanner sequences, auxiliary equipment, or any additional needs will not be available during these hours.